Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Tribute to my Daddy...

To My Daddy
Father’s Day, 2011
God speaks to us in parables,
So we learn of Him, it’s true.
And when God calls Himself my Father
I can understand because of you.

As a little girl, I remember being in awe:
Your power and strength was easy to see
I couldn’t wait for when you came from work to home
Because you lived for your family.

We knew that when you came through the door
That you were exactly where you wanted to be.
You kicked in - doing whatever it took
Investing 200% energy.

We all remember how much you did
Working yourself to the bone!
Inexhaustibly you fixed things, played with us and cleaned
Making sure that everything got done.

Winter picnics, ice rinks, lists and games
Everything together as a team with heart.
You taught us that work or play, whatever the season,
Our value together was far greater than apart.

We went through frustrations and learned how to deal
With different personalities and thoughts and trends.
We learned the value of family by all chipping in –
The value of relationships that will never end.

Traditions and values, with joy and through pain
You sacrificed task after task.
No matter how you felt, busy morning til night –
The hardest thing to do was relax!!!

You may not remember the countless things you you’ve done
Showing us how only an amazing Dad can love
It was minute by minute the way that you lived
That showed us love on earth AND from above.

The greatest things your life taught me about the love of a Father – both from you AND from my Heavenly Father:
1. That my Father loves and cherishes me for who I am despite who I am
and who I am not; and my Father delights in me!!!
2. That my Father wants to be involved with my life, even at times where I
am not giving him all the attention!
3. That my Father gives me all his resources of time, talents and money,
without reservation, freely and without expectation, only hoping that
I will use them for my good and to better my life and achieve my goals.
4. That my Father sacrificed to give me a family to buffet the storms and
enhance the joys of life.
5. That my Father made sure I knew I am a significant part of our family for a
particular purpose, and that my role is important and cannot be filled by
any other person.
6. That my Father is interested and proud of what I do, regardless of whether
those things changed year to year; he was a 100% participant in the things
I was enthusiastic about.
7. That my Father wants me to make decisions responsibly, because they
affect not just me but my entire family.
8. That my Father wanted me to learn from my mistakes for one reason: so
I wouldn’t repeat them and get hurt again.
9. That my Father’s plans for me were always for my good and never for
his gain.
10. That my Dad would do anything to prevent me from pain or from making
a mistake if he could, and that he felt every pain I felt.

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Beautiful Tribute