Friday, September 19, 2008

Daddy's Home!!!

I thought this would be an appropriate thought today as I rushed around all day and into early morning (it is now 1:49 a.m.!) getting things ready for my husband to return from a business trip.  I have had everyone cleaning up and sprucing up for him to come home to a clean house...

My kids are used to this.  When they were small, before Gary would get home, I'd have them start pulling everything together so he could come home to a house that was at least somewhat put together.  Then we'd often walk to meet him or wait in front, or at least wait expectantly.  When he came home it was "DADDY'S HOME!!!"    

There is no better feeling than to come home when someone is happy to see you.   Make sure you are always happy to see your significant other, and instill that in your children.  Prepare for them to come home; do something special!

Be enthusiastic, be over-the-top!  Pass on the excitement!  And when they get into the house, let your children see you and your husband or wife sit down and talk together for a few minutes at least.  It is good for the kids to see that you need a few minutes to talk before everything continues.

Remember, the best gift you can give your children is to stay in true love with your spouse!  

Challenge:  Make it an exciting event when your guy/girl comes home!  Have some little surprise ready for them!  Show them how you looked forward to seeing them!  Make every day special!  And let your kids see how you value each other!    Have a 5-minute "couch" time where you and your guy/girl talk about the day's events!  

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