Sunday, September 28, 2008

Object Lessons

I think one of the things that drives things home for me is to "see" them.  I love using OBJECT LESSONS.  Here are a few of my favorites; post any of yours!

*To remind my children that each day is a PRESENT and to enjoy their PRESENT, I kept a wrapped present on the counter for quite awhile.

*To remind us that we all wear glasses through which we see our world, and we need to see through rose colored glasses, I put a pair of rose colored sunglasses out.

*To remind us that our words could be "sweet" or "bitter," "sweet" words got a little honey, and "bitter" words got a little vinegar!

*To remind us that we needed to "invest" in other's lives so when we needed to "withdraw" there wasn't bankruptcy, we kept literal bank books with each of our names in them and recorded "deposits" and "withdrawals" for quite awhile.

*We had an "I can" -- a large can I pasted cut-out pictures of eyes all over -- out, to remind us that each person could help others.  When they said "I can!" and helped someone needy out, they would put their name on a piece of paper listing what they did and at the end of the month we pulled a name and gave a prize.  We did this throughout the summer.

*I had a geode rock that has a really ugly outside and a gorgeous inside out for awhile to remind us that it is what is inside that is most important.

Challenge:  Think of some "object" lessons to really embed good qualities into your family, and put the objects out for a reminder!  Let us know any good ones YOU use with your family!

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jessie said...

I LOVE these... great ideas! I am so grateful you are doing this blog (I am a FAITHFUL reader). Thanks for helping me be a better mommy to Kaylee! You are the best!