Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Everybody has a Story!

My family is big on telling stories from their past.   When my children were younger, I encouraged them to find out things about their grandparents' and others' pasts.  A few times they would actually take notes to discover things about their grandparents!

I invited missionaries and others over our house so my children could get to know people from different areas of life better.  I would have my children ask them questions and find out more about them.

When I did Creative Memories, I always relayed to my children some of the heroic stories, sentimental stories, or challenges people were facing that were shared at our get-togethers.  I made sure we had a steady stream of "biographies" going forth in our home.  In these "biographies," I relayed the information the way the Lord would see it -- from HIS perspective, to emphasize His heart of mercy, compassion, redemption, and reconciliation.  

We read a lot of biographies -- some together, some I read and relayed information, and I purchased a LOT of biographies written for children so they could read the books themselves.

I believe that my children learned to love others and to hear their "life stories" from some of the ways I encouraged them as they grew up.  I would always tell them "every person's life is an amazing story that you can learn something from!"  

Challenge:  Instill in your children that every person they meet has a life story that they can benefit from.  Read biographies and instill the preciousness of people into your children.  Teach your children that every life has value and every person has a unique story to tell.

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