Monday, December 1, 2008


We had our financial seminar yesterday, and I was extremely happy to see Jesse, Amber, Hannah, Gabe, Michael (Bethany HAD to work), Christa, Daniel and Emily there, as well as several of my nieces and nephews, brother and sister, and parents, and other friends.

As a family, we have often attended seminars to grow spiritually, as leaders, and other financial seminars.  I encourage you to take time to attend seminars together.  Let your children be used to taking time out of busy schedules to grow...

Challenge:  Look for a leaders' seminar, motivational seminar, or other seminar in your church or in your area, and encourage your children to attend with you.  Once a year try to make time to attend something like this, so your children are used to making the time and keep up with it as they grow older!

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