Saturday, December 6, 2008

Who Should Pick Up Your Dog Poop?

As gross as the title is, I often wonder as I watch people walking their dogs and their dogs poop, and the people just walk on...  I wonder "WHO do they think should pick up their dog poop??!!"

I teach my children the same thing:  WHO should hang up clothes you try on in the dressing room?  WHO should put away your glass or dish after you use it?  WHO should put your cart away after you shop?  WHO should hang up your jacket?  In other words:  YOU SHOULD!

Get your children into good habits early by teaching them to pick up after themselves.  Even in a restaurant or when shopping.  Even against the attitude "people work here to do that."  My response is "they work here to stock and other things; NOT to pick up after people.  If they have to pick up after everyone, ALL our prices go up!!"

Challenge:  Teach your children an EXTRA MEASURE of consideration in our inconsiderate world!  Teach them to push their chairs in, clean up after themselves, and be considerate of everyone, even workers.  Let's teach our children to shine their lights brightly!!!

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