Monday, December 8, 2008

Feeding Your Children Poison!

So many wonderful parents take special care of what they feed their children.  Often I wish more parents would be concerned about how they POISON their children's THOUGHTS and MINDS by the way they talk about other people.

I know so many people who grow up hearing only negative things from one or both parents.  Poisoning HOPE in your child is horrible!  I know many people who grow up hearing their parents pick people apart, criticize others, and undercut other people.  Poisoning LOVE in your child is VERY HORRIBLE!  I know parents who leave fractured relationships with friends and family -- they don't talk to so and so because of this, and they don't associate with so and so because of that, etc.  Poisoning FORGIVENESS in your child is crippling!  I know parents who sit around and watch television constantly.  Poisoning CREATIVITY in your child encourages laziness!  There are so many examples -- you think of ones that you need to address!  We can all think of some areas to pay attention to in this regard!

Be careful of what you feed your child on the table, for sure!  But be EXTRA CAREFUL of how you can POISON your children's character by how you live!

Challenge:  If you have allowed POISON to creep into your home, DETOX immediately and pay attention to giving out GOOD THINGS to fill your child's life and future with!

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