Thursday, December 4, 2008

While We're On the WORK Subject...

I have been hearing a lot about work lately, so thought I'd share a few things I've taught my children about WORK:

*It is a GIFT from God to be able to WORK!

*We should WORK with joy and unto the Lord!

*Whatever we do, do it 100%!

*Find the FUN in it -- play little "games" while you work! Put the music on, sing and be happy! ("Whistle while you work?!")

*If it's scrubbing toilets, scrubbing floors, folding clothes, be THANKFUL you have the things to take care of and pray for those who don't!

*Let your work glorify God!

*When my kids work, I constantly tell them I LOVE to see them working hard! It REALLY does make me so HAPPY to see my children WORK HARD...

*The Bible tells us we will "enjoy the fruits of our labors" - so that means to get to the "enjoy" we have to do the "labor"!

Challenge: Teach your children a much-forgotten hard work ethic.  Find ways to encourage them to work hard.  DON'T lay around -- let your children see you enjoy working around the house getting things done, and then they will learn to enjoy work as well!  Don't encourage them to lay back on anything, but to work hard to achieve results!

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