Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mid-Week Service

We never made mid-week service an option in our house.   It is very important to place a priority on getting to service not just on Sunday but mid-week as well.  We always believed that when all is said and done, at the end of our lives we will never feel like we spent too much time honoring the Lord... in fact, I believe that going to Church to hear the Word and be actively involved with the Lord's people is something we can't do enough of.

It was often difficult to get to service on Wednesday nights.  When our children were young, a lot of time it involved even bringing them to service in their pj's!  We didn't allow ourselves to make excuses.  Many times other people would refuse to keep their children out "that late" but then for other not-as-important things they'd keep their children out even later!

It is important to place a high priority on time with the Lord and assembling together with other believers.  As your children see you place a high priority on mid-week service, they will too.  And God will never owe you anything -- if you offer time for Him, He will give it back to you in other ways!

Challenge:  Make it a point to get to mid-week service!  It is such a special "family" time at Church, with many age-appropriate activities and extra classes.  Let your children see you place a high priority on getting to Church mid-week.  In this challenging time, we need to get together with other Christians as much as possible to face the onslaught against our values and beliefs!

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