Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Because someone ELSE likes it!

Teach your children to "give and take" early.  YOU pick the game every other time.  Let them call a friend who is coming over or who they are visiting to find out their favorite food or thing to do. Teach them to be considerate of others' feelings, and what it means to "walk a mile in someone else's shoes."  Teach your children to take turns picking the music, the television show, just about everything they can consider someone else on.

Let your child pack up some of their things and bring them to a shelter.  Purchase a meal and give it to a homeless person on the street together.  Pack up some of their old toys and send them on a missions trip with someone.  My friend, Jessie, and her daughter, Kaylee, sponsor a child that is Kaylee's age, and regularly send her items, cards, and money for necessities.  

Challenge:  Teach your child that because someone ELSE likes it is often reason enough to choose it.  Teach your child to consider others' needs and feelings, and to learn the JOY of putting others' desires first. 

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