Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Notes

I love when my grown-up children still write everyone little notes at Thanksgiving and go and hand them out.  It is amazing how they have not only kept a tradition we did earlier of writing our grandparents a little note and now they hand out quite a handful on Thanksgiving.

I was blessed today as I watched them get their pile of notes together...

Another tradition we started early is having everyone work together to get the kitchen cleaned up after we eat.  Cleaning the kitchen has become just as important a part of our Thanksgiving tradition as eating the Thanksgiving meal!  We all work together, laughing and talking.  Sometimes a group of girls take the silverware downstairs and wash the silverware separately.  The guys clear the tables and put away extra chairs.

Challenge:  Make traditions worth keeping year after year.  The traditions will cement your family together!  

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