Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cleaning Blitzes!

When my children were younger, we had "cleaning blitzes" where we put the time on for only FIVE minutes or TEN minutes and we worked as hard as we could until the timer went off.  Five or ten minutes was such a little bit of time that no one minded throwing themselves into the work, and let's face it, with my five children and I that made six of us working for five or ten minutes, which amounted to a half hour to an hour of work getting done!  If we did that a couple times a day, I was getting a LOT done and no one was overburdened.

If we had a big area to clean, such as our basement or upper level room, we played a little "game" where every time we went into the room we would put 3 things away.  By the time we addressed the "big" project, a LOT of it was already done!

We always put music on, and made doing our chores FUN.  I always said that we spend way too much time in our lives doing chores, so we need to learn to have fun doing it!

Challenge:  Break big projects down into little pieces so it isn't overwhelming!  Make doing chores FUN!

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jessie said...

sounds like a page out of our book over here! ; )