Friday, November 28, 2008

High Expectations

I often thought about Samuel's mother (Hannah) bringing a coat to Samuel each year.  I figure that the coat she brought had to be a larger size or he couldn't have grown into it!

This realization confirmed what I had always considered:  teach your child and expect things from them a little larger than you normally would and they will surprisingly "grow" into it!  While training my children, I always talked to them several levels higher than others would normally think they were capable of understanding.  I asked them to do things a little beyond what others would normally have considered them capable of.  And most of the times they rose to the occasion!

Don't "hem in" your child by thinking they can only comprehend what other children their age can comprehend!  Give them something "bigger" and watch them grow!

Challenge:  Challenge your children to help, understand spiritual concepts, or accomplish something a little more advanced than you normally would.  Keep giving them areas that they can "grow" into!  You'll both be delighted!

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