Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Working Together!

My Dad and Mom taught me the joy (and pain!) of working together as a family to get big jobs done.  We would rake leaves together, shovel snow together, clean out the rocks, and even go and help clean up each others' houses when we grew older!  This is getting to be a lost art!

Every Saturday our whole family would clean house all morning before we could go on with our plans.  We learned the value of working together, and I still love the way the Girgenti family all chips in and helps one another when we have jobs to do!

Teach your children the value of "chipping in" to get the job done!  I was told once by a woman with seven children that you should never do any chores alone!   I would put several children on the "mating socks" job.  If I go to shovel the snow, everyone goes with me!  Enlist help or delegate!  

And keep the camaraderie going in your house!

Challenge:  Do group chores this week!  Make it fun and accentuate the joys of working together!

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