Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time for Crafts!

I was so happy to see Nina's blogspot with Nina, Matt and Madeline making a "thankful tree." We used to go to the library, order craft books, go to Borders, Michaels, Joann's, and swap ideas with friends to make crafts all the time!  It was great bonding!

We pressed leaves with crayon shavings between waxed paper, did tissue paper projects, made our own plates and cups, frosted glasses, had taffy pulls, made aprons, pillows, decorated Easter eggs, made Christmas ornaments, did food crafts,...  we still are constantly making crafts!  We had crafts at our parties, and my girls still make crafts when they have get-togethers with their friends!

Even if you're not crafty (I never considered myself a great craft person, although it became a learned talent!), go to the library, ask around, and get some crafts going in your house!   You may bomb a few but think of how much fun it will be to turn the television off and do crafts together!

Challenge:  Try to incorporate a fun craft into your schedule this week!  If you have a great idea, post it!

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