Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Magazine Subscriptions

I loved to incite my children to read.  One idea for a great gift (birthday, Christmas or other special occasion) is to give them a magazine subscription.  There are plenty to choose from at the Christian bookstore, and when they were smaller Highlights was a good one.  There are craft subscriptions, cooking subscriptions and many others.  Daniel used to love the Ranger Rick magazine.  My mom even got them the Reader's Digest for a year, and there are several good magazines on nutrition that I have subscribed to for them.  Here is a link to some ideas for children's magazines.  Highlights here.  More children's magazines.  Even more!

When you are thinking of a gift that keeps on giving all year, think of giving your children a good magazine subscription.  

Challenge:  Think of giving magazine subscriptions to your child or other children to encourage their love of reading and adventure, develop a penchant for animals or crafts, or to strengthen their love for the things of the Lord!  


jessie said...

My mom just got Kaylee a Highlight's subscription for her birthday

Karen said...

That brings back special memories for ME! I'll never forget MY grandma buying me Highlights when I was younger! I couldn't WAIT to get it in the mail!