Saturday, November 15, 2008

Who Can We Help Today???

One of the things I loved to do with my children when they were younger is to find a few days a month to ask, "Who can we help today?" and make it our combined effort to do so.

Some of my favorites off the top of my head were:

*Going to visit a grandparent and bringing something for them, or taking them shopping or to lunch.

*Helping a neighbor rake leaves or shovel snow.

*Bringing muffins to someone on our street where we saw an ambulance come (turned out someone had passed away...)

*Visiting an older sick aunt who didn't ever have much company.

*Helping someone wrap Christmas presents.

*Visiting the cancer group to cheer them up.

*Going to cheer up a sick friend and bringing a game to play.

Challenge:  Next time you have a free day (or MAKE a specific free day!), ask "Who can we help today?" and start creatively finding people who need your help and encouragement as a family!

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