Saturday, November 1, 2008

Plan Number Nine

When I was younger, being the oldest girl I was responsible for a lot of "extra" things to help around the house.  After everyone went to bed, sometimes "plan number nine" would go into place.  After a little while (if I didn't fall asleep), when everyone settled down, I was allowed to get up and stay up for a little while longer with my parents.

It was a special fun time, not easily acquired.  It was a reward for the responsibility I assumed.  It was a little "perk".

In my family I instituted the same "plan number nine" for my older children when they deserved a special perk.  It was so fun to see them looking around and quietly re-joining us for a special dvd or game!  

The other stagnant reward the older child got for the assumption of extra responsibilities was that they could ride in the front seat.  My rule was that the oldest person there gets to take front seat.  Rule still stands today, although it's not as regular a benefit as it once was!

Challenge:  Make a "plan number nine" or special privilege at your home for the children who assume extra responsibility.  They won't forget it, and it will encourage them to receive that extra "perk" for the extras they help out with!

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