Monday, November 17, 2008

Learning to Sit Still

One of the qualities I taught my children early was to learn to sit still.  I did this several ways:

*I would read a chapter of a book while they sat still and listened.

*We would have Bible studies every day when they had to be quiet.

*We would volunteer at the senior residents' home or visit nursing homes where they had to sit quietly.

*We would have a contest while one was in piano or flute or violin or clarinet or drum (etc.) lessons on who could be the quietest.  Whoever won got a quarter!  They were also the winner, which we made a big deal of!

*We would have quiet time where everyone would have to read independently.  

*I would force myself to read a magazine or book for a short while and tell them they could not interrupt me but had to be very quiet.

These little games and incentives helped my children to learn to be still for awhile.  This really paid off when I had to take them all with me for a dentist's appointment or to other places where it was extremely necessary for them to sit still.  When we would go to the dentist's or orthodontist's or other places, people would always marvel at how well behaved my children were because they could sit quietly.  But the lessons had to be taught at home.

Challenge:  Institute some quiet times in your home, or times where the children are made to sit still.    These lessons will have great benefits!

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