Saturday, November 22, 2008

Group Decisions

A lot of times it is so difficult making a "team" decision, when everyone has such strong opinions.  Where to go eat, what to eat, what activity to take part in, what time to leave:  every decision with a family our size can turn into a huge event.

What we try to do in our family is let my husband make the ruling decision if he's home; if not, we try to consider what the majority wants, with the oldest getting the most input, while considering people who have strong opinions for valid reasons.

Most times, some people have to accede to others.  It is good practice to start early and teach your children to give in to what someone else wants or take turns choosing what you do, etc.

Challenge:  Exercise strong group communication skills by talking through a decision where everyone feels differently.  Explain to your children how this would be in a working environment, and teach them to consider others' choices while making their decisions with a group.  

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