Monday, October 6, 2008

Cherished Birthday Letters

We built on and established a family tradition of writing birthday letters.  On my children's birthdays, I write them a letter each year going over all I've seen in their lives and how privileged I am to be their mom, detailing their strengths, and our hopes for them.  

I in turn have become the recipient of some of the most AMAZING birthday letters known to man/woman.  This year I was overwhelmed with amazing birthday letters.  I am just going to let you peek inside some of them:

*You are one of my best friends, and I cherish our friendship.
*Watching you live your life is inspiring...  I want to grow up and live my life like you...
*I love being around you and you always encourage me to be a better woman of God...
*You make and drive me to get closer to God and that is the best thing you can do for a friend.  Your example you set is so high and I want to be just like you...
*I couldn't ask or think of anything more perfect or more special than the bond and friendship    we share!
*I hope to be half the person you are.  Your sunshine shines through in the darkness,... your  strength is unstoppable and your love for your family and Christ is contagious.  
*You have taught me to push towards my future and told me that no matter what I do I will  succeed and you would be by my side the whole way.  Without you I could not be the person I  am today and with you I feel I can conquer the world.
*Honestly you are a true example of a Christian, living every moment, second, hour, year, and  lifetime, walking, talking and being Christ-like.  That's my mom and it's one of a kind.  You  raised me and sent me out.  Now it's up to me to carry on your name and you made and make  my decisions so easy to discern right from wrong.  
*Your love is an example I look to...  I see you could never do this on your own power and see  how your commitment to being close with God, seeking Him early and making Him #1 in all  areas is the way you have been so successful...  I love you so much, and every year I write my  note to you I walk away more in awe of the difference your life has made in soooo many  people, and how much you have given up for God and your family.  Thank you Mom for being  faithful...

I am honored, humbled, inspired and encouraged to keep pressing on.  I refuse to do anything to fall short of all God made me to be when I read these letters!

Challenge:  Write a birthday letter to your child and inspire and encourage him/her to be the best they can be!  Keep pouring into their lives!  Whatever you have to give up is worth it -- lead the way so that as they follow you they follow Christ, because with Him ALL things ARE possible.  In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and allow Him to direct not only your path but the paths of your children!

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