Friday, October 24, 2008

Giving solutions before the problems

Based on my previous post, a wise mother foresees problems that could come as a result of the strengths and weaknesses of each child's personality.  

I saw and developed leadership potential in my children by reading them leadership books starting at an early age.  I foresaw problems that could come as a result of perfectionist tendencies, and read and shared information from books on how to overcome the negative aspects of a perfectionist, developing instead a "pursuit of excellence."  I foresaw the problems in tendencies to be shy and withdrawn, and helped my children develop confidence in the Lord and interest in others, and equipped them with training on how to interact and communicate with others successfully.  

A few of the other things I helped my children with, without being an exhaustive list, are:

*Helped them to see and learn from others' mistakes and "judge" whether choices were wise without judging the person or condemning them.
*Helped them to realize the negative impact of anger, and how to deal with it effectively.
*Helped them to be patient and understanding with others' viewpoints without them threatening what they know to be true.
*Helped them learn why they believe what they believe so they would not be easily swayed with vacillating public opinion.
*Taught them how to break projects into little pieces so they would not be easily frustrated.
*Taught them time management skills.
*Taught them compassion on people in need or that had experienced trauma, and how to communicate with them.

Challenge:  What problems could your child be headed for with their gifts and talents?  Teach and train your children about how to best develop and use their gifts.   Teach and train your children to develop gifts and talents that are not natural to them.  Teach them to understand others' strengths and weaknesses.  Pray and ask the Lord to show you where your child may need your help, and give your children lessons way above their age but brought to their level of understanding.  You will be AMAZED at how much your children can understand at a young age if you bring it to their learning level, and how they can utilize the information!

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