Saturday, October 11, 2008

Children do what you INspect not always what you EXpect!

When training children, always keep in mind that you need to inspect their work.   Make sure you are training your children not just instructing them.  Teach them the "behind the scenes" story too.  For example, teach them the value of hard work, the differences in results of being a hard worker vs. lazy or not enjoying work.  

Teach them the joy after a job well done -- a great big lemonade slush after they mow the lawn; a special type of hot chocolate (whipped up with marshmellows in the blender - yum!) after shoveling snow!  

When they're younger you can really "ham it up" in exclaiming:  "now look at how WONDERFUL everything looks... don't you feel so good knowing everything is nice and organized and you did a great job?!"  

My quest in raising my children since they were younger was that I wanted them to WANT to obey me not just obey me.  I didn't want rote obedience, rather I wanted them to know WHY I laid down the rules I did, and how they were for their own benefit and value for their future.  I felt this would transition nicely to their understanding the Lord in the same way.

Challenge:  Get to the "behind the scenes" training and the whys and benefits of your rules.  "Just because I said so" should be a rarity; rather, let your children know the reason you have your rules and how it will make their lives better.  Then even at a young age let them know that God makes certain rules for our good and His glory too... we can trust Him that all His rules are for our benefit.  Interesting case in point, the word "wicked" literally means "harmful in effect or influence."  Why something is called "wicked" is because it will hurt us!  

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