Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hearing from God...

Even when our children were younger, we would teach them to pray about things, and wait to really hear from the Lord about their decisions.

This helped as they became a little older and wanted to defend their music or other things.  We truly wanted them to hear from the Lord and know in their hearts and really feel led of the Lord to either go ahead with or abandon their choices.

I believe that praying for our children to hear from the Lord directly and allowing them to have limited areas where they could really pray about things and make their own decisions helped them to know how to seek the Lord on issues relating to their lives.  

Of course, we have many "house rules" that they have to follow, but there are always areas that they need to hear directly from God about and choices that they can make.

Challenge:  Look for things that your child can pray about and decide (when the choices are both within the "house rules").  You will be amazed at the way children hear from the Lord and just know in their spirit what the Lord would have them do!

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