Thursday, October 23, 2008

Your child's weakness can also be their strength!

In a little different light than the Marriage Vitamins blog today, your child's weakness can also be their strength when you train them how to "turn it around." 

For example, Jesse's strong will, which resisted having to do things he didn't feel strongly to do, once guided and directed, became his strong leadership ability.

Hannah's obsession for perfection, which made her frustrated when younger, enabled her to discipline her studies and get into U of M dental school early.

Bethany's artistic side, which was often a hindrance to a strict homeschool schedule when she was younger, became her artistic ability to do hair, and her insight into understanding others.

Christa's determination, which resulted in temper tantrums when younger, when turned around enabled her to swim against the tide of compromise and consistently hold true to her values on her own.

Daniel's intensity, which made him go through major periods of stress and misdirected intensity when younger, turned around enabled him to intensely study the Word of God and impact people around him.

This is a basic overview, but I can tell you time and time again of my children's weaknesses that when directed became their strengths!  It is EXCITING!

Challenge:  When you see the weaknesses in your children, train, direct, encourage and guide them to turn the weakness into a strength by using it correctly.  Look and observe and pray to ask the Lord to help you see what strength is underlying their weaknesses, and seek creative ways to develop those weaknesses into strength.  And in the process, don't wound your child's spirit or discourage them, rather help them to live up to their potential in Christ, and see them with their full potential as part of who they ARE!

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