Sunday, October 12, 2008


Another thing I wanted to teach my children early in life and have them carry with them as they got older is the phrase, "It is ENOUGH!" In so many lives, it is NEVER ENOUGH. We have all been around people who just purchased something new, and they're already looking to buy another thing. It's as if their needs are a fire and a constant consumption needs to be existing at all times. We have all seen people who seem to "lose" perspective -- they are never skinny enough, never have enough clothes, their husband is never good enough, they never look good enough... it is never enough!!!  And it is annoying to be around people that always need more more more!!!

When I gave my children something, I literally taught them to say, "It is enough!") and explained -- let that be enough for you that we did _____.  Be grateful for what we have.  By teaching your children to be thankful and grateful for what they have, and teaching them to say "it is enough," hopefully they will learn to be CONTENT.  

Contentment, the Bible says, is GREAT GAIN!!!  So few people are really content.  I am so happy that I learned contentment a long time ago, and was content with nothing.  The LORD is my confidence, and my joy.  I have learned to be content in who I am, and in who I'm not.  And contentment, without striving, struggling and contending for more and more and more, is truly great GAIN!!!

“The leech has two daughters, crying, Give, give! There are three things that are never satisfied, yes, four that do not say, It is enough: Sheol (the place of the dead), the barren womb, the earth that is not satisfied with water, and the fire that says not, It is enough.” (Prov 30:15-16 AMP)

Challenge:  Teach your children to say, "It is enough!"  Train your children to be content.  Start with yourself, and be content with little or with much -- in ALL things!  Be satisfied, grateful and content, and let your confidence be only in the Lord Himself!

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