Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Try to say "Yes" when you can!

Sometimes it seemed I was always saying "no" to my children.  "No" to this, and "no" to that.  Coming from an ultra-positive mother and wanting to be more positive, I began to incorporate more "yes" answers.

"Can we have some candy?" (before dinner on Friday)
"YES, when we go to the birthday party this Sunday!"

"Can we buy this or that?"
"YES - when you save enough money!"

I also began taking stock of some of the other "negative" words I was saying and dropped them from my vocabulary.  

"You're going to get hurt!"  (YIKES -- any one saying that NEEDS to drop it - you are actually speaking life into those words!)

"Be careful!" (This literally means "be full of cares!")

We can't afford this.  (Usually you can afford whatever you want to or take out a loan; what is better TEACHING words are - "this is not a priority for us to purchase".)

"This is going to take all day..." More positively, "Hmmm, this is going to be a little while -- let's do something FUN TOGETHER while we wait!"

Challenge:  Watch your "negative" words and turn them into "positives" whenever you can!  Post any successes!

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