Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Mail...

My Mom always sent our children "happy mail" and got them into a good habit of sending it to others.  "Happy mail" is mail that just makes someone happy.

We did a little different twist on it when my children were younger and had shoeboxes as "mailboxes" in front of each person's room.  We would put "happy mail" in each other's shoeboxes.  

Between trying to brighten someone's day by putting "happy mail" in their shoebox, or by sending "happy mail" to others, my children got used to making people happy via mail.

When my children were younger, we thought of letters to write to others just to tell them we were grateful for who they were or something they'd done.  Once we even wrote to the police department to thank them for protecting us!    After they received it, they contacted our family and a special scout car came over and showed the kids the car and gave them special buttons. They had never received such a thank you before!  

Challenge:  Start young by having your child(ren) dictate letters to others and maybe drawing something on them.  Continue the habit of sending "happy mail" to people to brighten their day.  Send thank you cards regularly to people who are special to you.  Let your children see how they can be a blessing via mail!

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