Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I love the etymology of the word "compassion:"  com = with + passion = strength.  Whenever my children were sick, I'd set up a little "sick table" for them with everything they needed.  I would tape a bag or bring a trash can near them for their Kleenix.  I'd then take the day off with them and watch old movies, or just keep checking on them if they were too sick to stay up.

When my children got hurt, I hurt with them and let them know I felt their pain with them.   I also encouraged each of my other children to do something for the person who was hurt or not up to par.  I really wanted to teach my children to feel another person's pain with them.

I believe compassion is STRENGTH.  If someone feels pain, is hurt, or overwhelmed, RELATE to them and FEEL their pain.  Your children will feel the strength of you walking through every situation with them.  Teach your children to feel others' pains too...  that way they can not only receive compassion but give it too!

Challenge:  Find ways to feel others' pain with them.  Pray for them.  Do what you can for them as a family.  Encourage your children to live with compassion!

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