Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Everything we stumbled on doing that was worth repeating became a "tradition" for our family. We thrive on traditions... Some have been going on for years and years, and some are newer and not huge "events" but little things that connect us. Here are a few of them:

Apple orchard every fall with two of MY siblings and their families and my parents, along with side trip to see migrating geese and finishing at Coney Island downtown.
Making gingerbread houses after breakfast at my parents.
Cookie exchange at my sister's house.
Making caramel apples every fall.
Candy corn out in fall.
Apple and pumpkin pies in the fall!
Buffalo wild wings with guys' friends and my husband late at night.
Peanut butter popcorn and orange juliuses when friends are over.
Spedini and strawberry shortcake in the summers.
Special birthday dinners -- whatever the birthday person wants.
October 31 getting a caramel apple at Rocky Mountain Chocolate at Somerset (this USED to be
an incredible harvest party at Uncle Tony's with a bonfire and activities, and pie throwing
at Gary!)
Family picnic.
Circus every year.
Game and Movie nights.
Up north trip every year (this USED to be camping every year).
CRAZY renditions of many different "happy birthday" songs.
Favorite place for lemon ice!
"Family secret" hot chocolate recipe!

Cherish, embellish, and guard traditions with your children! Make special days from nothing! Have special "family" recipes that are special to your children! Special games you love; special meals. Keep adding new traditions, and keep the old. Make some of your traditions events throughout the year that will connect your family for years and years, and be worthy of them taking off work and making extra effort to get to!

Challenge: List some of the traditions and special things you want to start with your family. Make things special and exciting: things they will fondly want to repeat over and over. Make some special recipes your family secret recipes - ones that bond your family. Sing special songs together. Celebrate your family's uniqueness and let it bind each of you together!


Patti Carollo said...

i am proud that my family is a part of a few of those special traditions!! i love you Karen, your family, and your blogs they are very inspiring to me as a wife, mother, and person...Thankyou!

Karen said...

Thank you for the encouraging post, Patti! I love you and am so happy that your family IS such a special part of so many traditions and awesome memories together!