Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Table Talk

My children loved when we would take turns and go around the table and everyone would say one nice thing about each person.  We would either start with the youngest or the oldest, and each person would go around and say something they loved about that person.  No one could say the same thing, either!   They each had to think of something special.

After each person heard the nice things that their brothers and sisters said about them, I think they took it to heart and it encouraged them to live up to all the acclaim and more!  It also made for great conversation around the table, as well as teaching the children to look for good things in each other!

Challenge:  Teach your children to appreciate each other!  Find a way for them to verbalize it to each other -- at the dinner table is  a great place!  Build each other up by appreciating each other!

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