Sunday, October 26, 2008

Joy is in the Journey!

So many times when you're hustling and bustling to get somewhere you may forget that JOY is in the JOURNEY!  I LOVED time in the car -- your child(ren) were buckled in and en route you could sing special songs together, talk and ask questions, play road games, or just get to know each other better.

We tried to stay off cell phones and really talk on our way back and forth (which was quite a bit considering how far school was from us and all the activities we were involved in!).  If you are at a loss for topic starters here are some tips:

*Keep a jar with topics and grab a few for the car.
*Talk about spiritual things they have been wondering or asking about.
*Talk about seasonal things.
*Talk about issues they have gone through lately and give your insight, even with a parable or story from your own life.
*Talk about issues you know some of their friends or family have been going through and how to correctly assess and minister through them.
*Talk about their dreams.
*Talk about their "favorite" anythings...  ask them "favorite" questions... (and don't forget to ask "why")
*Talk about things that have been on your heart.
*Talk about ways they can encourage and help others (and make a plan to do so).
*Talk about hobbies they want to develop.
*Explain passages from Scripture that are sometimes difficult to understand or that often are taken out of context.

Challenge:  Have fun on the journey!  Be creative and make car rides times everyone looks forward to!  Turn the radio down, phone(s) off, and make memories!  Before you even can blink, they'll all be driving off in their own cars and WHOOOOOOOOSH it's over!  Utilize every minute!  JOY IS IN THE JOURNEY!


jessie said...

One of our favorite things to do during our car journies is to sing (loudly). Yesterday we sang "Last One Standing" (MercyMe) 10 times in a row. We'd take turns singing, playing guitar & drums. By the end of the day it was Ethan's favorite song too! :o)

Karen said...

That is one thing I REALLY miss with my children all grown up: I can NOT get away with singing my heart out any more with my horrible voice! They used to think I sang so beautifully -- now I can't fool ANY ONE!!!