Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spontaneous Fun with Our Children Too!

Today in the Marriage Vitamins blog,  I wrote about spontaneity for couples.  Spontaneous fun is great with our children too.  Think of some fun things to do to make life a little more exciting and fun...  Here are a few of my favorites:

*While driving on fall days, I would literally PULL OVER and STOP the car and watch the leaves playing "tag,"  the birds in a "meeting" along the telephone wires, or look at beautiful fall trees (sometimes we'd get out and throw leaves into the air).
*One day after school I made everyone close their eyes and brought them to Dodge Park over the bridge, and then had them open their eyes to an incredible fall sight!  We threw leaves up in the air there too!
*Let the popcorn pop WITHOUT the lid on and watch the popcorn go everywhere!  (This is fun, but it can POP a little hot oil so be careful!)
*On the way to school on rare occasions, I would let them go in late and we would go and get breakfast at Denny's.
*Before school we'd go and get a canolli.
*On snowy days we'd just pack up and go sledding.
*We'd pack up a lunch and go to the park or someone's pool.
*When homeschooling, we'd go do school outside instead of inside.

Challenge:  Think of some spontaneous fun things to do with your children regularly!  Help them keep the surprise and joy in everyday life!  

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